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Sofiena Healing Center 

Forensic Healing 

Initial appointment                     $150

Follow up appointments

60 minutes                                $120

90 minutes                                $160


Initial appointment                     $130

Follow up appointments

60 minutes                                $120

90 minutes                                $160

Crystal Dreaming

Initial appointment                     $150

Follow up appointments

60 minutes                                $120

90 minutes                                $160

Distant Healing 

Distance healing can also be provided (at no additional cost) if you are unable to attend physically at the Sofiena Healing Center. 

Spiritual House & Office Cleansing

Starting from $120 


The Benefits of Treating Your Mind & Soul

Our team will support you in healing your mind, body and soul to be a healthier you. No matter what your health needs are, having a team support you will keep you on the path to healing yourself. We work together to connect you with you again and to heal you. Why Sofiena team to lead you to the path of a healthy body, mind and soul because of our proven success rate that our clients have never felt better & are living the life they deserve here from of of our clients Bianca bellow. 


Day 1

Bianca realised she had a problem, she needed help as soon as possible but didn’t know who to call. Bianca knew she had been feeling this way for far too long and needed to see someone.  

Day 2

Bianca did some research all night and found Sofiana Healing Center. Bianca called to make a booking. She explained what she was feeling and asked to see a practitioner as soon as possible and came in the next day.   

Day 7

Bianca after 7 days since the healing, Bianca said she has her life back again and wouldn’t know where she would be without Sofiana Healing Center.

My life has changed since I saw Gail, she was so professional and hit the nail on the head with all my symptoms and my past. Gail healed me and today I can say I am a new person and I have my life back again. Thank you, Gail and Sofiena Team.


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